This software provides comprehensive help to the Health Care Professionals like Doctors, Nurses and ultimately provides a significant benefits & care to the Patient.

Doctors and Nurses can easily track the crucial patient Health & Drug information using the tablet. They can easily sort filter & search all recorded information easily. Patient can be provided with best care.

Easy Rx-Ordering, New Order, Reorder, Hold/Un-hold, Continue/Discontinue ensure the best & authentic patient care.
Salient features like Medication History, Patient Health Information & detailed reporting system make this software most reliable & robust.

By providing Medication scheduling & greater monitoring console this software helps enormously the Nurses and Doctors. They can easily manage any number of patients in the nursing homes.

Auto alerts for Allergy, Diagnosis & Special notes while doing the patient care, ensures that they avoid any unnecessary medication and aware of the fact of any allergy that drug may cause to the patient. 3 Months review reports help doctors to decide the further & best possible care for the patients.