Core Strength & New Line of Business in HealthCare.

  • Advance Pharmacy Service
  • Bringing Care of Excellence in Pharmacy, Clinic & Hospital by inter connecting.
  • Pharmacy Business Reform by Post Follow-up & Connecting Patient to Patient.
  • Hot Senior Care Market
  • Senior Care Center with Advance Facility such as sona bath , In House Doctor Clinic & Diabetes/ Dietary Care.
  • Connect One Care Platform

  • #1 One Care integrated Platform & Continuous Research & Development by Doctor for Doctor / by Pharmacist for Pharmacist / by Patient for Patient.

Predictive Analytics.

The future of personalized healthcare.

  • PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS is the process of learning from historical data in order to make predictions about the future (or any unknown)
  • FOR HEALTH CARE, predictive analytics will enable the best decisions to be made, allowing for care to be personalized to each individual


  • Individual Pharmacy – join HealthCare Plus Club System.
  • HealthCare Plus Club System will provide branding service & loyalty program and Care Plan Service – 1st Year– Free .
  • HealthCare Plus Club System will provide complete software solution with connecting doctor & patient as (One Care Platform – SmartRxCloud.com)
  • HealthCare Plus Club system will provide state of art technologies with connective Apple Watch /Apple /Android/Windows Apps.